Do you have what it takes to build your own Bug Out?

Everyone's looking to leave town but where to go is the question?

We own a 6,903 Acre property 2.5hrs from Sydney

We have bought 10 x 40Ft shipping containers and we are having them sent along with all the materials to the farm to build 10 cabins for accommodation.


As we get further into lockdown, there will be nothing available for you and your family to do in the holidays. This is a great time to spend time with your family outdoors and get your kids involved in something constructive.

The Prize:

The best designed build your own bugout will be given a reward of $15k or the use of the cabin for 1 weekend a month for 5 years.

How it works?

We supply the container, the tools, & machinery to build your own bugout.

When does it start?

The competition opens on Friday 27 March, with families from across NSW* asked to upload a 1-2 minute submission video onto YouTube using the hashtag #OutbackEscapeBunker.

Step 2: When you've recorded the video, fill in the form below.

Step 3: If successful, we'll be in contact with you to get you started.

Your Application: